Kayleigh Christine is a multi media artist originally based out of Indiana where she earned her BFA from Indiana State University; studying painting, photography, and printmaking. She started painting with spray paint while in college to relieve stress and soon became enamored with it. Kayleigh often paints on found objects such as mirrors, windows and pieces of plexiglass. Her body of work is an ever changing and developing study that gravitates toward capturing emotion and imagination in organic and abstract images. Outside of painting, Kayleigh loves to collect rocks as well as old cameras and to cuddle with her two rambunctious cats.

Artist Statement

  My paintings aim to both evoke and represent the limitless bounds of human imagination and emotion within very organic/abstract structures. I work to incorporate the influences of my environment by experimenting with the effects of weather, nature, emotion, energy and melody. I use spray paint because of its fluidity, manipulative qualities and unpredictability. It can be very unforgiving which I find to be both freeing and challenging. I am a big believer in reducing waste and prefer to paint on recycled materials.

My favorite part of each painting is the exploration of the viewer; hearing what others see, feel and perceive. Human imagination is often able to see images within abstract formations and the exploration of the varying experiences are fascinating to me.